8 Benefits of Running to Women 

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You want a well-toned body. And because of that, you are obviously controlling your calorie intake. However, are you moving your butt? Maybe you don’t know this yet, but dieting alone cannot give you nor let you maintain the great body that you want. A vast variety of studies have already proven this. So what is stopping you from stepping out your room and exercise? Is it because it needs you to do something? Well, certainly because all you think about is to get a result without having the need to do too much exercise. And now, you are adding some weight loss pills to your diet, but no, they will definitely not do any trick. They may give you temporary results, but only proper exercise plus balance diet can give you the result that you really want.


1. Weight Loss

While some studies show that dieting or calorie restriction is somewhat effective when we talk about losing weight, it also means that they’re almost in isolation in terms of maintaining this weight loss. As a matter of fact, after a few days of your diet, you’ll discover later on that abstinence and self-denial is neither sustainable nor fun over the long haul. On the other hand, exercise together with dieting has been proved to be more successful when it comes to maintaining your goal body.

2. Well-Toned Body

While it is true that dieting or calorie cutting alone will help you in losing weight, including a certain amount of muscle, dieting cannot give you a shapely and well-toned body that you always wanted. The only best way to achieve a toned, slim, and healthy looking body is simply to add regular exercise routine to your current weight loss plan.

3. Enhanced Awareness 

Individuals who exercise regularly have been shown to possess a more sensitive and better awareness to periods of wrong food choices and overeating. You do not crave the same foods than before you started your regular exercise that is without even denying or trying yourself – this is certainly a gift.

4. Stronger Lungs and Heart

As your lungs become more efficient and much stronger, you are able to breathe in more oxygen. As a matter of fact, this improved function of the lungs might help improve certain lung conditions like asthma, even though you should consult it with your doctor first.

5. Running Protects Your Joints 

A lot of research proved that running in a regular manner can help delay the arthritis’ onset to the knees. Running’s weight-bearing nature makes it a great way for strengthening bones in your hips and legs. In addition to that, running injuries and accidents are usually caused by worn out and unsuitable running shoes, therefore, your knee is not the one to be blamed.

6. Running Can Reverse of Slow Down the Effects of Aging

Since you are creating happy hormones when you are running, or even any other form of exercise, You feel pleasant all throughout your work out session, promoting healthy and sound overall well-being.

7. Improves Skin

Better blood circulation simply means you can be able to achieve a rosy pink glow in exchange to an ashen gray or yellow green complexion. A natural pink glow cannot be matched by any beauty product as it does not come in a little pot of cream. You have to work hard for it in order to achieve it.

8. Improves Mood

After you have finished your running session, you will certainly feel more content, less anxious, calmer and more relaxed. It is because a morphine like chemical, the endorphins, are released naturally by your body causing these really wonderful effects. Research proved that after a person run, the endorphin level may be more than double than you rest. In addition to that, running is completely satisfying. After you have finished your run, you can have a good sense of accomplishment.

Now that you have learned the benefits of running to women, you can already start gaining these benefits and lose those extra pounds. Running in the morning before you start your activities for the day is actually a good idea to start your day right and promote positivity throughout the day. In addition, running in the afternoon is also best for those people who want to end their day with many accomplishments and to relieve the stress they have experienced from work or school. No matter what you prefer, running is probably the best exercise that you need to do every day.


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Top Health Benefits of Running 

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You have probably heard someone said that exercise is a good medicine. Well, it is not just a saying – it is the truth. There are so many scientific evidences that can be able to prove that regular exercise equivalent to 150 minutes per week or 30 minutes per day for 5 times per week, as well as running in particular, can give you a lot of health advantages that extend beyond any medicine your doctor could describe. Furthermore, studies have proved that running can aid in preventing obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, some others as well as a vast variety of other unpleasant health conditions. In addition to that, scientists have also proved that running can greatly improve the quality of your mental and emotional life, and can even help you live much longer. Here is how:


 1. Running Can Make You Happy

If you have been working out in a regular manner, then you have already discovered the fact that no matter how bad or good you feel at any moment, any form of exercise can actually make you feel better. As a matter of fact, it goes beyond the runner’s high, where you feel the rush of endocannaboids, also known as the feel-good hormones. In a recent study published by expert scientists, researchers proved that even a single session of exercise, like walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes, could immediately lift the mode of a person who is suffering from a big depressive disorder.

In addition, even on those times when you need to force yourself to go outside, exercise still protects you against depression and anxiety. According to studies, moderate exercise can help a person cope with stress and anxiety even after they are done working out. A study made in 2012 actually proved that merely 30 minutes of running each week for 3 weeks can boost mood, sleep quality as well as promote better concentration all throughout the day.

Have you heard someone call running their ultimate drug? Apparently, it can be. A study in 2007 showed that running can cause the same type of neurochemical adaptations in human brain reward pathways, which are also being shared by those drugs that are addictive.

2. Running Can Help You Get Fit

All of us know that all forms of exercises can help in burning calories when working out. The bonus is that the moment you exercise or workout, the burning of calories continues even after you stop. Recent studies have proved that regular exercise and workout can boost afterburn, which means the number of calories that you burn after your workout. Scientists call afterburn as EPOC or excess post oxygen consumption. That is some kind of getting a paycheck after you retire.

In addition to that, you do not have to be sprinting at the sound’s speed in order to get this benefit. This can happen when you are run at an intensity that is around 70% of VO2 max – that is a bit faster than your easy pace as well as a bit slower than your marathon pace.

3. Running Can Strengthen Your Knees, Bones and Other Joints 

For a long time, it has been known that running can be able to increase bone mass as well as help stem bone loss that is usually related to age. However, chances are you have had friends, family, and even strangers warn you that jogging or running is not good for your knees. Well, science has already proved that it is not, and there’s a lot of evidence to show. As a matter of fact, studies also show that running can improve the overall health of the knee.

4. Running Keeps You Sharper, Even When You Get Older

Worried about losing your alertness and mental capacity? Regular work out and exercise can actually help you keep it even when you age. A study made by health experts showed that there are so many evidences proving that regular exercise can help defeat any age related mental decline, specifically mental functions like selective attention, working memory, and even task switching.

More studies found out consistently that older fitter adults can answer much better in mental tests compared to other unfit adults. In addition to that, in patients suffering with stroke, regular work out can help improve language, memory, judgment problems and thinking by almost 50%. A lot of research teams also found out that there is a significant improvement happening in an overall brain function when a person works out in a regular manner.

Now that you have learned the benefits of running, it’s time that you start living a much healthier lifestyle. Start running today and make it a more enjoyable experience by using a running belt so you can run freely while making sure that your valuables are intact.



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